Carlex 4-Generations

Carlex has three generations. Each generation is based on a specific design. The G1 series was launched in 2008 and embodies a classic look compared to the other three generations.

After seeing a large interest in the G1 collection throughout North America, the G2 series was launched in 2010 incorporating the use of an actual screw to create multiple dimensions to the ring.

In 2013, the bar was raised to a new level when we announced the launch of the G3 collection, a very intricate design using multiple components to create one beautiful ring.


Product Information

Carlex rings are available in 18K gold, Platinum 950, 18K/Cobalt & Platinum/Cobalt.

Carlex rings are available in sizes 4.5-16.

Each Luxury style can be made in one or two tone with the option of white, yellow or rose gold. Please note that changing the color of a Carlex does not change the price unless you are changing the metal.

The smallest millimeter width available in is 6.5mm. The widest mm width available in is 13mm.

Every diamond model is set with VS1-FG quality stones. The advanced technology of our machines allow for the utmost precision in every setting.

Regular delivery time on a Carlex ring is 7-10 business days.

If a rush delivery is needed, our customer service department can be contacted.

Carlex rings can be customized. Please contact our client service department at anytime for a custom quote.

Delivery Time Frame

Approximately 2-3 Weeks depending on the alterations made to a Carlex style, which may increase the time needed to produce the ring.

Carlex Rush Order If a rush is needed, please contact customer service to request a rush delivery.

Carlex Sizing

Carlex Sizing Difficulties

If the finger size cannot be determined by the jeweler, River White will send a silver sample for the client to try on. This will ensure that the finger size is correct and help avoid restocking fees.

If an order is placed in accordance to the sample shipped, the jeweler will not be charged freight when the actual Carlex is shipped.

Please be advised that this sample is not the actual Carlex band, it is a plain silver band with the same fit as the potential Carlex. Freight charges for the sample must be covered by the jeweler.

Carlex Sizing Fee

The intricate and innovative design of a Carlex band allows it to only ever be made in one size. Anytime a new size is needed, a new Carlex must be made. The customer will be charged a restocking fee which includes the cost of refining the metal, the diamond setting/removing and the labour that occurs throughout the process of making a new band.

Plain Carlex bands made in 18K or Platinum have a sizing fee which ranges from $100 - $150 depending on the model.

Carlex bands with Diamonds start at a sizing fee of $150, however it is always best for a Carlex band with diamonds to call our Return department to confirm the sizing fee before sending your ring.


All of our engraving is done by laser. A maximum of 50 characters may be engraved onto your ring.

Engravings are available in two different styles of font:

  • Script
  • Block -  eg. I LOVE YOU

Carlex Engraving Fees

$15 for engraving inside a Carlex band


We want every customer to be completely satisfied with the purchase of a Carlex ring. This is why we offer each Carlex style in a wide variety of color combinations and widths.

We also offer the option of adding or removing diamonds on any model. Will will gladly accept suggestions on altering any existing style of Carlex making your Carlex your own.

Alterations made to a Carlex style may increase the time needed to produce the ring to approx 2-3 weeks.

To receive a quotation on all customized models, please contact our customer service department and you will be directed to the correct person.

Diamond Quality

Every diamond model is set with VS1-FG quality stones. The advanced technology of our machines allow for the utmost precision in every setting.

Carlex Restocking Fee

Carlex Type

Restocking Fee

18K Plain


18K with Diamonds

$100 + fee per stone

Platinum Plain

10% of Original invoice before discount

Platinum with Diamonds

10% of original Invoice before discount + fee per stone

Restocking Fee for Diamonds

Type of Setting

Round Diamonds

Princess Diamonds

Bezel Setting



Pave Setting




Lifetime Warranty

We guarantee the quality of each and every Carlex. Anytime throughout the life of a Carlex, it may be returned to River White for refinishing and refurbishing. This process takes approximately 7 business days and is done at no charge. If at anytime diamonds are lost or chipped they will be replaced at no charge. We do our best to make sure every Carlex is always looking as magnificent as it should be.

Every Carlex is sent in a beautiful gift box which includes a warranty booklet. This booklet outlines the warranty against defective materials and/or workmanship. It also includes each bands unique serial number. This number is also engraved inside each Carlex so that every band can be easily identified.

*Please note that any third party modifications to any Carlex model (including engraving) automatically voids the lifetime warranty.